Why us? We’re big enough to trust but small enough to care

When looking for a property maintenance company to work with you to help you achieve your goals, it’s essential to find the right company who’s big enough to trust but small enough to care. What do we mean by this? It’s a company that has the workforce, the equipment and is centrally positioned but still has the expertise and skills to do a professional job.

Edison Ford are that company.

Why are we big enough to trust?

  1. We have the workforce.
    We have a team of skilled, full-time employed trade’s people (we don’t rely on outside contractors) who have worked in the industry for a good number of years and are CRB checked. We can provide you with a quality of workmanship second to none.
  2. We have the equipment.
    We have constantly evolved our service, which has given us a huge range of equipment to help us complete your ambitions without the additional time and cost of hiring equipment.
  3. We are centrally positioned.
    We are based in North Bristol so we help clients throughout Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire. Our central position allows us to work efficiently and promptly without the need for call-out charges.
  4. We are fully insured.
    Should anything go wrong while we work on your property, we have it fully covered.
  5. And we have the expertise.
    We have been working with people like you for over 20 years, providing a quality service to local people. We have helped many satisfied clients achieve their goals at a reasonable cost.

Why are we small enough to care?

  1. We’re not a call centre.
    We’re a people based company with dedicated staff based in our North Bristol office with the relevant expertise to help you with your requirements.
  2. We have good relationships with Local Suppliers.
    We have a constantly expanding list of trusted, local suppliers to help us complete your goals.
  3. We don’t have a complex management structure.
    If you need to talk to a decision maker then you can without the annoyance of going through multiple layers of management.
  4. We rely on word of mouth and recommendations for a lot of our work.
    You can be assured that we are well versed in dealing with a wide range of maintenance issues on a daily basis.

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